Arvig Webmail Feature Updates

  • Unverified Sender Indicator

    Arvig Webmail users will see an "unverified" label displayed next to any email received (both in the message list and within the email view) that has failed SPF or DKIM [domain] checks. (See "1." in the image below).

    Users should be cautious when interacting with email that has an "unverified" label, as the email may not come from who it says it does.

    Updated: Apr 14, 2023

  • Report Phishing Button

    Arvig Webmail users will see a "report phishing" button located next to the "report spam" button within the email view (and sub-menus). The button will allow users to report email that they believe to be phishing. (See "1." in the image below). Over time, users who accurately report phishing email will earn a higher trust profile, ensuring that their future reports result in rapid blocking of outbreaks of malicious email.

    Updated: Apr 14, 2023