Leading the charge: How Arvig is prepared

Arvig’s buildings and critical network infrastructure are all protected by batteries with extensive runtime and generator backups to provide power during extended power outages. Arvig’s engineers and technicians actively monitor power and temperature, and other environmental factors.

Some technologies, such as Fiber to the Home, are entirely passive outside Arvig’s Central Office, but rolling brownouts or similar would be expected to have minimal impact.

Arvig’s DOCSIS equipment (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications, which makes high-bandwidth service over cable possible) have greater reliance on power at cabinets or other network elements in closer proximity to customers. It is more difficult to provide long battery runtimes at these locations, especially highly distributed DOCSIS nodes. However, especially in the case of DOCSIS, customers are often located within close proximity to the node, so if power is lost to the node, many of the customers often also do not have power. This won't be true for 100% of the customers, or in all circumstances, but it will minimize the impact.

Additionally, Arvig has multiple generators available on trailers for use where needed in an emergency.

Customers can monitor outages in their area using the map here.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022