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Arvig Internet Customers Receive:

Faster Speeds—Great Prices—Unlimited Data

Upgrading is easy and may be FREE.*

You'll notice a big improvement in your online experience with a speed upgrade (especially if you've added devices like phones, computers and tablets in your home).

Got new devices?

It's time for faster internet!

Whether you have 1 or 10+ devices, we have the internet speed to connect multiple devices, play games, download music, stream movies and more.

Go wireless with Managed WiFi from Arvig

Do more on multiple devices through your entire home.

WiFi allows users to gain access to the internet wirelessly. Today, computers, gaming systems, TVs, mobile devices and more all use WiFi. Enjoy the following benefits to accompany your Arvig internet service:

+ Easily connect to the internet from almost anywhere in your home.
+ WiFi password recovery.
+ Help for connecting wireless devices to your network.
+ FREE router replacement if needed.

Call 888.992.7844, click or visit Arvig for details.

*Based on Arvig service area and equipment requirements.