Be prepared this summer and year-round

It’s a good habit to have your mobile devices charged and ready in advance of inclement weather. But that’s not always top of mind when your most important concern is the safety of your family and home. That said, include this list with your storm preparedness plan:

  • Use alternate power sources such as portable chargers, battery banks or solar chargers. These offer several hours of battery life so you can use your devices in an outage.
  • Keep extra batteries on hand.
  • Use surge protectors for all plug-in electronics.
  • Consider an Uninterruptible Power Supply for backup power. UPS devices provide both emergency power and surge protection, and many are equipped for a handful of devices.
  • Another power option is a portable generator. Consider cost, size and how much power you need during an emergency—it will likely be based on how many kilowatts (kW) you use per day and what you think is necessary.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022