Simplify your life online with Managed WiFi

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In today’s increasingly connected homes, a fast, reliable WiFi connection is no longer a luxury. We depend on WiFi in so many ways: communicating with friends and family, sharing photos and videos, streaming movies and music, and interacting on social media. More and more, we also rely on WiFi to connect a whole array of smart devices to manage essential systems in our homes—such as smart locks, smart thermostats and smart security systems.
When it works the way it’s supposed to, WiFi is an amazing technology. When it doesn’t—when we experience poor performance or can’t connect at all—it has a big impact on our daily lives. For most of our devices, connecting over WiFi is the only option. So when it’s not working, it can be extremely frustrating.
As a result, many people are rethinking the logic of relying on consumer-grade WiFi systems to manage something that’s so important to their daily lives. Instead, they’re looking to their service provider for a hassle-free WiFi experience that makes their online experience better.
What is managed, carrier-grade WiFi?
With managed, carrier-grade WiFi, Arvig delivers the latest WiFi technology and takes care of managing it within your home network. Arvig offers a variety of WiFi service levels, depending on your needs, including Mesh WiFi solutions that use satellite units placed in different rooms to extend a strong WiFi signal throughout your home.
What are the benefits of managed, carrier-grade Wi-Fi?
Managed, carrier-grade WiFi has several advantages. First, it gives you superior performance, everywhere in your home. Unlike some of the consumer-grade WiFi systems you buy at your local consumer electronics store, carrier-grade WiFi is fast and highly reliable. No more dropped connections, no more dead spots—just reliable, high-speed WiFi that works.
Second, it’s worry free. Arvig takes care of managing and updating your WiFi network on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to. If you ever have an issue with your home network, Arvig's technical support team can access your WiFi router remotely over the internet and get you back up and running quickly.
Finally, managed WiFi is much cheaper than the latest consumer-grade WiFi systems. Many of these systems, especially those using Mesh WiFi technology, can cost upwards of $500. Arvig, on the other hand, can offer you a hassle-free managed home WiFi service for a just a few dollars a month.
Contact your service provider
If you’re ready to leave poor WiFi performance and technical hassles behind and start enjoying a superior online experience, contact Arvig and order your managed WiFi service today.

Updated: May 4, 2022