SCAM ALERT! Emergency Broadband Benefit

  • The FCC has issued a consumer advisory warning the public about an Emergency Broadband Benefit imposter website that was collecting personal information from consumers and falsely claiming to provide free devices and services related to the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.
The website has been disabled, but if you provided your personal information to WiFi Freedom USA, visit
  • Some companies have been sending emails and/or text messages to customers that say something like, " continue your discounts click the link..." When they click the link, it authorizes a transfer of their credit from their current provider to the new company. This is considered fraud since the customer doesn't understand that's what is happening.
If you believe your credit has been transferred to another company without your consent, and you want it transferred back to Arvig, please contact us so we can verify and review the next steps.
Cybercriminals and bad actors never take a break. In fact, they specialize in taking advantage of the systems designed to help us. Be vigilant and think twice before giving your personal information to anyone or any website! And as always, please give us a courtesy call, email or chat with us if you change service providers.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021