Call Completion

Long-distance call problem?

If you’ve experienced a dropped long-distance call, it might have been the result of a call-completion issue. Call completion problems are happening in rural communities all over the nation. When a call is placed to a rural telephone number, it is dropped by a long-distance carrier, typically the intermediate provider responsible for routing the call. In some common call-competition scenarios:

  • Someone tells you he or she tried to call you, but it never rang on your end.
  • Your phone rang, but you couldn't hear the caller's voice once you picked it up.
  • The calling party received a message that your number had been disconnected or was no longer in service.
  • A call came through to you, but the quality was poor.
  • A call came through, but the caller ID was incorrect.

If any of these situations sound familiar, it’s likely a call-completion problem. Local telephone companies like Arvig are not to blame, as completion issues often happen before the call even reaches the Arvig network. It is illegal for long-distance carriers to block, choke or reduce call quality. We are working with federal regulators to address the problem and penalize the parties responsible.

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